Sunday, February 21, 2016

To New Adventures...

You know when you feel content?  Happy?  Satisfied and grateful with your life and your surroundings?  You know that feeling of not needing anything- being able to get it if you want it?  The feeling of knowing you can take a day off and still buy groceries?  Go on a vacation?  Eat out whenever you don't feel like making dinner?

Yeah.  Me either.

Not that I never have known that feeling... as a matter of fact, just 3 weeks ago I knew that feeling.  Sitting pretty in Vernal Utah... looking forward to warmer weather, girls camp, days on the boat, barbequeing in the backyard...let's face it, Vernal has little to offer in the Winter, so spending time looking forward to summer is quite normal.  And then Jon came home from work, after losing his job. 

Now everything is different.  Vernal is in a depression of sorts right now.  The oil companies are laying people off left and right.  There are over 350 homes for sale (including mine) and people can't afford to eat out, buy furniture, remodel their homes or anything else for that matter and somehow it's trickled down to those of us who don't work in the oil field, and we have to get out with the rest of them.

I don't know if I'm ready to move though.  Timing couldn't be worse, we'll be lucky to make enough money on our home to have something to put down on another.  We'll be back to paying mortgage insurance and dealing with a higher interest rate.  Not to mention where we're headed is a bit more expensive than where we are.  We won't have my income, and I doubt I'll ever make the kind of money I've made here.  I'm sure I'll be working full time instead of part time, and the kids will be in different schools again.  The outlook is bleak if that's all there was!

But, on the bright side- I get to go to Sunny St. George!  I love it there!  It's really more of a resort town, a vacation destination, and we get to live there!  I love the desert, I'd so much rather be warm than cold.  I love the red rocks, Zions Park, even the cactus and palm trees!  The kids will be in better schools, they will have more opportunities and things to do.  I may have to work more, but there are other opportunities besides retail I might be able to get into.  I'm looking forward to a new adventure.  It's daunting... thinking of all the things that will be new to me... even just finding my way around!  But, it will be fun- we'll make it that way at least!

Until someone looks at, and loves my house though, I'll be STuck.inVernal. 

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