Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dig Deep...

It's safe to say, life has been turned on end for me and my sweet little family.  Living in Vernal was a rough change for me in the beginning.  I struggled with the lack of conveniences, the small town mentality, the big trucks, the seemingly poor service anywhere we went... It was not my favorite place to be, and I didn't want to stay. 

Jump ahead 16 years and I've made some of the best friends, had some of the most amazing opportunities, made great money at an amazing job, built a clientele with photography, learned to love the geography of this beautiful place and not take it for granted, and have raised two great kids among some of the best people ever.  I have learned to be happy with what I have, and grateful for all of my blessings, and yet, here I sit, wallowing a little because of recent events.

It's really hard not to become negative and ornery about the circumstances we have found ourselves in.  Jon losing his job has affected both of us in such different ways.  We have to live separate from each other, which is most evident in the morning when I wake up in an empty king size bed.  I have to change everything once again.  My job, my friends, my home... and this time I have to drag two kids with me and worry about how they will fair.  Jon is having to relocate, which is harder for him than anything.  Change is a hard thing for him!  It's nearly impossible to sell our house in the declining market we have going on right now.  I have a feeling I could be here for a very long time trying to get this house moved.  I am so antsy to be with my love, instead of stuck.invernal.  And in St. George?  I can't imagine a better place to live in Utah...

On a positive note, I'm able to continue relationships that need worked on.  I'm able to relinquish my favorite calling of all times to someone even more capable than I am.  I'll probably still be able to go to girls camp with my baby girl.  My kids will probably get to finish out the school year here.  I'm comfortable, we have jobs that pay the bills, and we're still together and happy.  Life could be so much worse.  So here's to challenges.  Bring it on.  Do your worst.  Actually, I don't want to hit rock bottom.  This little town of ours could really use some blessings. 

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