Saturday, June 26, 2010


I've had a hard time convincing Gage to go OUTSIDE this summer. I never would have thought he'd turn into such a home-body- he doesn't even want to play with his friends a lot of the time and I'm thinking it has more to do with the mosquito's and his allergies than his personality. I hope so anyway. Both of my kids look like they are suffering with chicken pox and they are miserable if they start itching. They scratch till they bleed and then they have little scabs everywhere! Living by a canal is the worst this time of year!

Ali, on the other hand, will go outside when her chores are done and I won't see her again till she's hungry, thirsty or getting popsicles for all the kids in the neighborhood. She loves being outside with her friends. She was blowing bubbles yesterday and I took a few pictures. She's such a fun little thing right now!


Joey said...

Ali looks like she is really concentrating on those bubbles! She is SO cute! Love the earrings... I feel so bad about the mosquito's they really need to do something about your area. Doesn't Vernal have an Abatement Dept.? Come on!!! Maybe you should take your kids into the city building and let them see how awful they look!

Joey said...

I mean with all the mosquito bites...hehe. They always look cute other than that!!