Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 18- Dreams/Goals/Aspirations...

I think about this often. I'm not a huge risk taker, but I have always wanted something to call my own- I think that's why I love taking pictures so much. My goal with photography is to continually learn and get better at what I do. I would love to justify my own business- and know I could do enough to make what I'd need to- to only take pictures all the time! Maybe someday!

I want to raise my children to do what they should. I would feel like a success to just have happy adult children...but in the nearer future, my goal is to be the best teenager mom I can be...I know, I should have more realistic goals.

I'd love to get a degree in something, I'd love to retire early and move to the Oregon Coast. I'd like to save enough money to travel- and I'd love to own an exotic car- and an RV... so I can see everything I can drive to.



Joey said...

Do they make those that don't use gas now days because that may be the only way anyone can afford to drive one in the future!! But, I do like your idea and the RV!

The Holdaway Family said...

I am terrified to be a teenager mom! I am only a year away too!!! Yikes!