Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 23- Something You Crave...

It's no secret what I crave. I know this for sure because on my birthday 3 different people brought me my favorite things... Diet Pepsi. Chocolate Cream Oreo's and IBuprophen!!!

Usually I don't need the IBu if I have the Diet Pepsi, but occasionally I have to take it WITH my favorite beverage! The Oreo's are a nightly thing. I learned from a very early age, one of the BEST right before bed snacks is cookies and milk. (Thanks Dad!)

I also crave CHANGE!!! I change things around in my house a lot. Not my furniture really, cause it fits just perfect where it is, but I love to change out my decor. I have a shelf in my kitchen that changes with the season, or the holiday. It makes me happy! I hate dusting too, so if I just change it around I don't have to dust as much!

My favorite craving is my kids. I know we all feel this way sometimes, but even when they are at school all day I miss them and can't wait for them to get home! I love having them around me and even though they make me feel like I'm in the nut house most of the time, I wouldn't want it any other way!


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Joey said...

Have you tried the Oreo "Fudgies"? They are soooooo good. Sorry about the change thing, it will get better the older you get and the more decrepit you become. I would still love to change things up, I just can't move stuff around as easy anymore. I have gotten used to things in the same place, it's not SO bad. I like the crazy about the kids comment. I am crazy about mine too!