Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 24- Last 5 Facebook Status'

I hate updating my facebook status. If I don't have something funny to say, I usually don't say anything. I hate it when people leave cryptic messages or too much information. I try really hard not to say something that may come back to haunt me!

Those eyes are brown for a reason... like tonight, she put lotion all over in her hair and told me she wanted her hair to be soft and smooth like a babies bottom... full of it- I tell ya! Just when I finally got all the chapstick residue out!

Thanks everyone! Had a great day!

Saying prayers for one of my DEAREST FRIENDS in Japan! Andrea! Please let us know you are OK!

Ali is spending the day in the principals office.... so much for thinking things were getting better!

He's totally going to pick the girl with the rich daddy!

So, there you go- I love Facebook- I'm glad there is another way to keep up with friends who don't have blogs!


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Ashley, Brynlee & Caeden said...

LOL- I understand what your saying- I hate to not say something but wonder if people get sick of reading the things I write on fb. There are people I have deleted because they write too many status updates in a day!! Love reading your blog girlie!!