Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 25- What's In My Bag...

Ok, so just the fact that I carry a purse now days is amazing! I have never liked them- it just seemed like a clutter catcher to me and a loss of organization, until I realized that I needed to be pickier about the bag!
Enter- my little GREEN bag... I love it!  It's the size!  I can remain organized and not lose my keys in it!  I used to carry such large bags- diaper bag size!  I don't have to anymore.  So, what would you find within it?
The middle holds my wallet, my phone, and the essentials...candy- Special K- and usually a pepsi too, but I haven't left for work quite yet this morning. My keys end up here too, once I'm at work.

One side carries my gym pass and my business cards, and the other side has my lip gloss and perfume in a plastic bag, in case it leaks so it doesn't stain the purse! That's it! My bag- well, one of them!


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Joey said...

When did you get SO organized! I remember your bag from a long time ago. It resembled something you picked up after it had fallen from a plane...Maybe that was your ROOM, I can't remember for sure...