Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Favorites...

                                                                                                                        I guess I'm with the majority of others when I say my favorite season is Fall.  Everything about it makes me happy.  Maybe not the typical happy, but the calm, rested, cozy, easy- happy.  I've always been "an Autumn."  I remember getting my colors done and finding that out young...the girls in my family have that in common.  It must be a hereditary thing!  The kids are back in school and Gage is thriving, Ali is... adjusting.  She's kind of a stinker still and we're working on it.  Any suggestions?  She's disruptive in class, she tells me she doesn't have homework, though she's supposed to do it everyday... seriously, it's already gone to the extreme.  I went to take cupcakes to her class today for her birthday, and she told me her teacher took her earrings, hair bow and necklace away before the first bell rang!  Really?  Is it really that bad?  Here we go again...maybe he should give her a glue-stick!


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