Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Miss Priss...

So I was feeling a little overwhelmed during the Christmas season. I'd done a few sessions, but it seemed like I was always in a hurry to get it all done, and with the computer stress I had, I was ready for a photography hiatus. I figured I would give it the month of January and just get my priorities straight again. Well, I made it to the 7th! I NEEDED to take more pictures! I begged Gage to go outside with me and let me take just a few pictures of him! He would have done it too- but he would have been angry in every single one of them! I just got lucky though, looking outside seeing that my daughter and her bff were looking for me!!!

I shot quite a few- but I'm using them to practice all the new things I'm learning in photoshop. One of these days I'll take a class and maybe I'll have to learn the correct way to do all that I do- but I'm having so much fun! I've become quite the photoshop junkie!


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* Gar * Lis * Charly * said...

GORGEOUS gal! You do a great job! So pretty