Saturday, January 7, 2012


Honestly, the way this computer is, it's fortunate that I've had my blog! I have lost so many pictures over the past couple of years, so I'm not going to miss an opportunity to get them on here! These are a few from Christmas~
Christmas Eve- Gage and Ali get to open one present...they caught on a lot quicker than I did as a child... It' always jammies!

The kids got sleeping bags from Grandma Anah- they had a blast playing on the stairs-
This was one of my Christmas presents from Jon- while I spent the day working Christmas eve, Jon spent the day tiling my backsplash- it's 3/4 done in this picture- it looks even better now that it's finished!
Christmas morning- the torture at the top of the stairs.  They had to wait till I could get a picture!

It's a stress ball that says Mother-in-Law!

There is a story behind this picture- Gage "made" this necklace for Jon.  He got it out of a quarter machine at Wal Mart, but was so excited to color it blue and give it to Jon- it's a "Cowboys" necklace!

and this is the gift Ali gave me...she clipped all of the coupons, put them in a box and wrapped it all up!  What a gal!

I love that they were so excited.  There won't be many more years of this, and I know's fun to see them so happy!


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Kyndi said...

cute family! the kids look so happy! I'm so jealous of your steam and sweep-I only have a steamer. Is your's hard wood friendly? I'm afeared for my kitchen floor if I don't find something amazing soon....