Friday, December 28, 2012

Our holiday was incredibly busy. Between work, visitors, shopping, traveling, and whatever else, there was that one thing called Christmas.  It's not to say we didn't have a good one...quite the opposite!  Christmas was awesome this year!  Not only did I enjoy great company- yummy food- and lots of gift giving and getting- I got to see my new niece- Esther Sharon.  Cambria had her on the 18th, and even though I had to visit her in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Primary Children's Hospital, I was so excited to finally meet her.  We're still waiting to find out what's really wrong with her little body right now- but it sounds like they will- and she'll be going home soon.  Though it's hard to see my sister hurting and frustrated, it made me extremely grateful for the health of my children.  I realized how strong a spirit my little sister really is- and that she can handle this trial better than I ever would have. 

I was so glad to see my family!  I don't get to spend a lot of time with them over the holidays because of my job.  This year, I'm not able to spend much time with anyone except those I work with- it seems like I've worked a lot.  I hate missing so much- and one day I PRAY I won't have to be working through Christmas! 

We spent Christmas Eve at Anah's, with a traditional Dutch dish I wouldn't dare spell.  It's like a crepe with yeast in it, and you roll it up with brown sugar.  It's incredible- I love it and look forward to Christmas Eve cause it's the only time we have it!  The kids were excited to open their Christmas Eve present, and even acted thrilled with their new pajamas!

David stayed with us while he was here this year- and it was fun to have him here Christmas morning as well!  The kids love having him around- and he may not admit it, but we know he loves hanging out with them too! 

I'll try to post more later- but I'm in the process of de-Christmasing the house- so once things get back to normal, I'll have more time!


Joey said...

It was so fun to have all of you here for Christmas. I think that Cam was happy to see everyone of her sisters even thought it was at Primary Children's. I can't believe that you are putting stuff away already...Wish I was! I have a appt. to have my carpets cleaned on the 7th so I better get everything done by then. Thanks for everything. I am going to put up the gift you gave me in the kitchen above the grape-leaf least until the new one arrives then I will probably have to re-arrange a few things. I think it will look good there and break up the pictures a little bit. Love ya!

Cambria said...

This just made me bawl!!! That was by far the hardest Christmas of my life but it helped me in more ways than ill even be able to explain to anyone. Love you. Thanks for coming up on Christmas Day, leaving your kids and everyone back at home. Meant a lot to me- to have the support and sorry you had to see the apnea spell, not something fun to whiteness. Love you.