Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Baby...

The baby was up all night again.  Did I say that?  I meant puppy- but I'm honestly wondering what the difference would be.  My life is once again consumed by feeding schedules, bowel movements, pee and belly aches... and GAS.  I know, I know, change his food- right?  I JUST DID!  I'm still a novice at this- this thing I thought I would never do- and I must have given him the wrong stuff.  We figured if it's expensive, it's good, right? I've started him on pumpkin puree- have you ever heard of that?  I'm so lucky to have a network of amazing help!  It's supposed to help settle his stomach and help him digest even the crappy food better.  I've decided not to wait and change his food later, instead I'll do it now, things can't get much worse than they are.  He may have worms- sheesh- maybe it would be easier to have a baby!

He has brought a lot of joy into this house though- Gage- a.k.a. the "dog whisperer" has become the favorite.  I knew he would, but to the extent of this? 
That's Rocco- in my kitchen- sitting in front of Gage's picture, waiting for his buddy to get home from school.  Wow.  If only Gage were more interested in the WHOLE dog-owner experience!  I'd move the crate into his room so fast his head would spin!  One of these days the dog will be trained, and things won't be so stressful.  I can't wait!