Sunday, January 26, 2014

Trials and Tribulations...

I don't want to relive this weekend ever again.  In fact, the whole of last week can just flush itself.  I got the stomach flu on Monday night, spent the day sick on Tuesday.  Couldn't take pictures of a newborn on Wednesday, just in case.  Thursday was only a good day because I did well at work- Friday I had to go to a meeting in the morning, I DID get a fabulous pedicure which was the HIGHLIGHT of my whole week.... and then spent the rest of the day running around like a chicken with my head cut-off!  Although, I did it with Ali- which made it a lot easier to get through!
 Saturday though- was a horrible day at work- I don't know what's worse... dealing with customers that put words into your mouth and expect the things they can't have, or bosses that don't believe or back you up.  I don't want to go to work tomorrow to say the least!  And today was special.  I've been primary chorister for 2 years now.  I have learned to love it, but mostly, I love those kids.  However- I would be lying if I said I wasn't ready for a change.  When I found out the 2nd counselor was looking for me today I got a little excited! He started out telling me I had done such a good job, but that I was probably ready for a break, right?  I said "sure!"  and then he dropped the bomb- instead of primary chorister... I am NURSERY chorister now.  Fa Real.  I actually got a little upset.  I told him I'd do it... but that it was NOT a break.  I told him I needed him to keep me in mind for a new calling OUTSIDE of primary.  There is such a long story that accompanies my need to get out all together, but it's not worth repeating.  Plus, unless you are in the situation- you'd just think I was petty and judgmental.  Ugh.  Maybe I am.

The puppy went to the vet on Friday because of his severe gas issue.  I know puppies are gassy.  I know they have new stomachs- I even know I was giving him the wrong food- but MY HELL!!!  He can seriously stink us OUT!  I changed his food- (to a $30 per bag brand with NO corn or grain...) and it seems to be helping.  He's starting to get the whole outside is for the bathroom- but still has accidents every once in a while.  He does yelp at the door to go #2, but I would be in heaven if the #1 was just as good!  He's biting and chewing and just a nightmare at times, but I don't know what we'd do without him.  Life was pretty boring compared.  (And a lot less stress and a LOT LESS stinky.)

I had a bit of an eye opener the other day with Ali.  I've learned that my kids make mistakes. I know they aren't perfect and I work with them a lot to be polite, nice and respectful.  Ali was messing around on the bus with some of the neighbor girls and one of them called her "fat."  Apparently she cried, and RyLee stood up for her, telling the girl SHE was the one that was fat, and whatever else.  Honestly, I am so glad she did!  But the little girl got off the bus and told her mom that Ali was the one being mean.  The mom then confronted my daughter even though I wasn't there... so without knowing Ali's side of the story and only hearing the other moms story- I grounded Ali and told her we'd talk about it when I got home.  Ali said "OK" and acted like it was no big thing... which made me think she was guilty!  When I found out it wasn't Ali at all, I felt horrible.  I am not very good about standing up for my kids- and often blame them for situations we find ourselves in.  She was just going to take it!  She wasn't even going to tell me what really happened, I found it out from RyLee!  I feel like it's my fault that she doesn't feel like she can tell me- or that she was embarrassed of the situation and didn't want me to know the truth.  I never want my kids to feel like they can't tell me cause I won't believe them.  Parenting is hard. Trusting your kids sometimes is hard.  I know I'll try harder from this experience-

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Joey said...

Now that's a week I would not want to relive! I am glad that you are over the flu bug and that it didn't turn into the bronchitis thing that hangs on for months...Glad to hear that the pup is getting a tiny bit easier too.

Now, WHAT MOM CONFRONTS A 10 YEAR OLD? PLEASE!!! Is she a moron. Be enough of an adult to go to the parents and work it out. It's easy to yell at a child, much harder to think and act like an adult and handle situations with your children the right way. WOW! SO not impressed with THAT mom.