Sunday, February 23, 2014

Getting Bigger!

Yeah.  He's getting big!  20 pounds and only 3 months old!  The Vet says he looks perfect, but I could have told you that without help from the Vet! I'm pretty fond of him, even though he's ruined my carpet, sheds like a snowstorm and is still biting!!! He's just a great addition to the family, and although it's made us all a lot more responsible, he's also made life a lot more interesting!  Look at that face!!!

On another note... the end of the tri is quickly approaching- this Friday as a matter of fact.  Vernal is weird, we do trimesters instead of semesters- and there aren't terms or midterms like there were when I was a kid.  Gage decided that second tri was... expendable.  The last three weeks have been help session after help session, (staying after school) homework he should have had done during class, and correspondence with most of his teachers getting us to where we should be.  I say MOST of his teachers, because all but ONE was willing to help us out in exchange for Gage's promise to be better, and to change his attitude.  So, his grades are now, A, A, A, D-, A, A.  Sorry- but to me, that says a lot.  Obviously he's had a hard time in that class- he's been a turkey- but mostly because he has NO IDEA how to do some of the things she's teaching!  I personally think that report card makes HER look bad!  (It does happen to be math- so even if he brings home the work, he's in trouble here!)  I guess I let this one go- he understands that he was a complete idiot, and I know he's working hard again- the teachers have all told me they are amazed at the turn around- and since we can't fix the D- even though we've tried, it's just going to have to be!  And he's not even a teenager yet.

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Joey said...

That dog is getting much better looking the older and bigger he gets! I wasn't sure at first, thought that maybe you had made a mistake but, I think that I was wrong now, who couldn't love that face?

So glad to hear that Gage has picked up the pace. He is too smart to let his grades slip. Maybe you need to get him a tutor for math, one that can make it fun and get him interested in it. If he can learn it now it will make it SO much easier later... If I can do it ANYONE can!