Monday, November 17, 2014

Yuppy Dog-

Maybe it's a punishment.  He chews everything!  Books, clothes, magazines, music... brushes (we've been through 4 in a week!) slippers, the remote, you name it...he's tried to eat it.  He's shedding like crazy- I swear there's more hair on my surfaces than his...  Why did I agree to this?  He wakes me up in the morning by sticking his face on the bed and sniffing my face- he blows snot and licks me if I don't get up immediately.  He HAS to ride with us up to the bus stop in the morning.  He gets in the back seat and wipes slobber all over the windows and doors just so he can see the kids at the bus stop.  He won't let me go anywhere in the house without him...if I move, he moves.  If, by chance, he doesn't know where I went, he usually finds something to destroy- like hymn books, or books I'm reading.  So, maybe making him wear a sweater is his punishment.  But he looks so cute, huh?

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